Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Daun Kalingsir dan khasiatnya

Would like to share with dearest readers and bloggers, excerpt from my email. Can pluck as 3, 5 and 7(odd number) leafs direct from the tree for your accompaniment(ulam) to your rice.

Daun Kalingsir

I decided to share this with you guys. I was introduced this leaf by a
friend from Taiping, Perak. In Taiping, there are quite a number of cancer
patients recovered from cancer after taking this leaf, including last stage
of cancer and doctor already confirmed he/she only left few months life,
they all hopeless and tried whatever people recommended to them, surprising
after trying on the leaf, really can recover. Among them, some just took few
days, some a month, some few months depends on the seriousness and the
volume of the leaf that one taken! Sound very unbelievable, right!

now getting more and more people in Taiping knew about this, and it slowly
spread to other states, that’s why now you and me also know about this!
Haha! and a lot of people started to plant it at their home, including me
after knowing it! there are some reporters from various newspaper publishers
interviewed the people who successfully recovered from cancer after taking
the leaf in Taiping, the news was published in papers early of this month
(in perak section only)

I understand that the leaf is not only meant for cancer, it can heal cyst ,
tumor, etc – in fact, any type of ailment, in my opinion it actually good
at boosting our body immune system, when our own immune system is strong,
then it can fight and kill all virus and bacteria in our body!

You guys can search more infor from internet about this leaf.

Scientific name: Clinacanthus nutans
English name: Drooping Clinacanthus
Malay name: Daun Kalingsir
Indon name: Dandang Gendis
Chinese name: δΌ˜ιθ‰

Pictures: there are two type 1) small leaf 2) big leaf

Friday, June 10, 2011

MTB Jamboree

Is the event deterioating or a failure?

Its June already, by now most MTB enthusiast would agree that almost all Jamboree event were below their expectation.

It would be a bike adventure for average riders rather than jamboree.

The first 50 riders are in front struggling to stay ahead, while the rest of riders just enjoy and hopefully could finish the ride.

Hope to hear good news from new event after the weekend.

ride safely