Thursday, January 26, 2012

What you always wanted to know.....

Ever wonder how cyclist pee on the saddle when placing and time are matters to them when riding in competition, but for MTB we have our own way to answer the Nature when there are plenty of bushes while we ride offroad. Those tips are taken from blog an expatriate cycling club base in Guangzhou.

How to pee while on the saddle

Rule 1: Make sure you're safe from legal repercussions.
Urinating in public may violate indecent exposure, public nuisance, and disorderly conduct laws. In some places, you can become a sex offender for urinating in public. You don't want to have to knock on your neighbors' doors and notify them of your status. It's awkward.

Rule 2: Make sure you're riding on a slight decline.
If you’re going too fast, you don't want to lose control of your bike. If you’re going too slow, you don’t want to have to pedal midstream. You might as well just stop and get off your bike.

Rule 3: Learn the proper technique.
Extend one leg and rotate the opposite hip towards the extended leg. Free your member from the top or bottom of the shorts, and let it flow. Tap as necessary.

Rule 4: Make sure you really need to go.
The first time you try this, understand that Nature doesn't just have to be making a polite house call, ding-dong. Nature needs to be banging on the door with an oak cudgel, shouting and threatening to breaks windows.

Rule 5: Account for shrinkage.
You may not have as much capacity for extension as when you started the ride.

Rule 6: Once you start, don't stop until you're done.
It doesn't matter if you think you see the lights of an approaching car or an oncoming cyclist. Stay committed. Otherwise, you'll finish your ride with a soggy bottom.

And if you're a Woman... I have neither information nor advice for you. I'm sorry.

Monday, January 23, 2012


Departed from Penang International Airport on 13th Jan 2012 and arrived 4 hrs later at Hong Kong International Airport located at Lantau Island. Hong Kong is made up Hong Kong Island itself and another 200 islands and south east mainland China called Kowloon and New Territories bordering with Shenzhen of China. Immediately on arrival with Visa already obtained by tourist guide, we were escorted to cross border to Shenzhen which we believed a heaven for shopping.

On Saturday, started with a visit to jade factory claimed to be a government owned factory and came to surprise all items like bracelets, rings and moon glow in the dark are far expensive than in Malaysia. Photo taking was not allowed at their premise due to security reason and fen shui. Later we were brought to Window of The World where the reproduction of most tourist magnificent attractions in the world like Eiffel Tower, Pisa Tower etc are rebuild at one place.
Our lunch are taking care off by tourist agent in Shenzhen at Muslim Restaurant, local food were the main course and noticed Chinese eating a lot of vegetables.

Aerial view Window of The World

After lunch we continued for another visit at factory outlet producing herbs, again we were about to be conned by those medical practitioner claimed to be professor but unable to speak English. Another person was helping those professors to translate into basic Indonesia language. Some of us were diagnosed by looking at their palms with kidney problem and even decay bone. All of us were attended by them in dedicated room and very well learned from the first factory outlet visit we managed to escape without buying their products.

Most of us were upset when we were in Shenzhen, supposed we could buy cheap items at LuoHu Commercial City (LCC) but you need patience shopping here and the result it’s not always to your favorable price. All retailers here were using high pressure bargain tactics; we need to bargain half of the tag price.

A last day visit at Disneyland Hong Kong on Sunday replaced our bad days in Shenzhen until we arrived at Penang Int. Airport safely on Monday 16th Jan at midnight.

At entrance Hong Kong Disneyland

with Snow White

having lunch at Hong Kong Islamic Centre Canteen

reminder to muslim customer at canteen

Monday, January 9, 2012



Seramai 64 pengayuh tegar muncul di Bandar Sri Mahkota pada hari Ahad 8hb Jan, untuk mencuba Kayuhan Cuaca Kering dianjur oleh SP Ride kelab basikal di Sri Putra Bangi. Semua maklum bahawa Pak Din berupaya menyediakan trek yang terbaik untuk semua peringkat dengan ayat “bukit sikit-sikit saja” di wilayah Bangi dan sekitarnya. Seperti yang dijangkakan, semua berpuas hati dengan trek yang disediakan bahkan pengayuh wanita pun boleh kayuh di bukit-bukit pencawang, denai dan lopak. Beberapa CP disediakan ala-ala mini jamboree dan disediakan marshall sekali sebagai penunjuk arah/sweeper. Kayuhan selesai lebihkurang jam 12.30pm sejauh 38km. Jika ada peluang mendapat jemputan dalam fb cubalah luangkan masa berkayuh bersama Pak Din, pastinya tidak sia-sia.

Menunggu penerangan dari Pak Din

jauh lagi dan banyak bukit pencawang didaki

pengalaman berkayuh di lereng bukit

junjung basikal pun boleh

Sweeper ..terbaik dari SP Ride

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Kemeriahan menyambut tahun baru 2012 dapat dirasakan apabila aku menghadiahkan sebuah basikal MTB 8 speed kepada ayah tersayang. Jenama XDS menjadi pilihan berdasarkan geometeri, skim warna dan gear set yang ditawarkan adalah bersesuaian dengan kegunaan untuk berkayuh didalam kampung dan di atas batas ban sawah. Rupanya sudah ada geng basikal warga-warga emas di kampong Sg Baru dan sekitarnya membuatkan beliau terdorong untuk kayuh bersama.

Teringat masa remaja dahulu seawal 80an, basikal adalah salah satu permintaan besar anak kepada kedua orang tua dan terpulang lah kepada keadaan faktor kewangan semasa untuk memenuhi permintaan tersebut. Seingat aku basikal yang mula ku miliki adalah hasil tangan “custom made” sebuah frame basikal mini dicampur dengan handle dan fork keras basikal muda. Itupun dapat ku terjahi dari Kg Padang Lalang ke Kubang Rotan atau ke Kg Sg Baru.