Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I only subscribed Facebook early 2009, my list of friends had accounted to 800 plus and slowly increasing. Let the numbers remain but prefer have a quality friends as well as contents to be shared. For the past 3 years, I have made a lot of friends, sharing what they like or dislike, knowing the cycling updates surrounding you, knowing your friends political stands, check in your preferred places, got to know useful tips and best of all shared the photos upload. This is another way of social networking where we have no boundaries and certainly can reach anybody in the world in real time. Accidently I have accepted someone I dislike and have to unfriend after a few days, better to be that way. It was also reported that those social networking have made marriage turn into sour and later couples divorced. FB also let your life become public and someone can google your updates in years later.

June this year google introduced google plus(g+), this would be a threat to FB if g+ can do better or someone looking for alternative social networking to get rid off with petty and irritating post on their wall. g+ has similar features like FB such as profile, home, share your thout, upload photos etc with extra features unlike FB where you can group your friends list in circles. Advantage of g+ is can link with existing email and picasa web for photos storage, many more which not yet I explore. Visit at

My intentions for social networking primarily is for cycling activity eventually makes me healthy and secondly improve in-person relationship that you know of from your list. The rest are benefits and bad that up to me to carefully control.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

UKM Mini Jamboree, not far from my bed

First time event held by organizer in UKM boundary and adjacent palm estate, the organizer threw in the hill beginning and ending of the ride with little sweet single tracks in between. End off road section, rode in between building which it seem to be "kolej" or faculty.I rode 22km with burned over 2,200 calories.

One must remember the single track along the fencing approximate 100mtr just to slow down riders and increase difficulty of the ride.

Waiting door to be opened for registration and goodies collection.

Shortcomings spotted during registration/goodies collection, a few riders were not getting their t shirts as supposed to and riders were too long waiting for the meals. This is a mini jamboree and the organizer should anticipate riders finish early. Hopefully the organizers have done something about it.

Riders were only flag off 830am

Top 20 riders in front couldn’t have the chance to see this.

1st CP was well hidden behind this building

A job well done for the organizer and since I live nearby I’d look forward to participate again next year.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ride with a few "good" men

Having a terrible ride at Kota Warisan on 11st Sept, leads by Mosyawir aka Tok Penghulu KW. I also burned over 4,265 calories, initially climbed 3 hills but a decent water refill at village shop nearby have changed the leader mind to add one more hill I called Bkt Serik Botak, almost cramp getting on the peak of the hill. We finished aproximate 1pm and log in 35km.

First hill..Mosyawir, Jakiko, Isma and Nurudin

Second hill

third hill, started pushing bike...trying to reserve energy actually

last hill ..finally

The pain I gained would be meaningfull preparation for upcoming jamborees.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to Work

Raya dah sudah, open haus pun dah banyak bertandang masa di kampung, reunion sekolah atas padang pun berjalan lancar dan kayuh pecah lemak(breaking fat) pun sudah.

Berehat sekejap di atas manhole, tempat biasa buat sit up di Bukit DO Taiping

Yang paling berat sekali adalah macamana mula bekerja di pejabat atau biasa disebut "monday blues".....tambahan pula masih banyak staff di pejabat masih bercuti

Acapkali nak kembalikan balik mood bekerja, biasanya sejam dua masa digunakan untuk berkongsi pengalaman beraya dan kadangkala terlebih. Jangan sampai kantoi dengan bos sudahlah.