Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Specialized S-Works M5

Some say specialized and some say S-Works.

What would you call?

Finally after 2 months reservation to Angah Bike Shack, M5 was delivered on last Saturday and immediately build up on that nite at wan's resident in putrajaya.

The frame was carefully handled by sifu foreman "wan" and unwrapped by myself around 11pm. Witnessed by some of cyclist live in putrajaya and became no longer secret to pujmacian. The build up ended around 2.45am and the next morning used for cyclehunt.

The frame alone weight at 1.6kg(S size at 1.4kg) and after completed total weight is 11.02kg. I would say the nett weight is 11kg, extra 0.22kg to previous bike build up by wan.

After all, the rider ability is the final factor for cycling power.

Already transform and lets rolling.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Goodbye Fuji

Today is the day to remember, after one year in my cycling history finally I let go my present frame Fuji and will be getting a new one soon.

After all, not the machine that matters but your physical does matter. So, increase your training intensity and seeking improvement. Otherwise you will end up with the name 'hardcore spender' not a 'hardcore rider'...ahaks

Friday, November 19, 2010

Alor Setar Flooded again

I was not remembered when was the flood hit my home but what I could remember almost every year happens. This is the worst ever and up to the chest level inside my house.

90% of Alor Setar flooded and most of the people pointing to the earthwork existing double railway project blocking the water. I must agree with them too.

The most crucial and toughest part is to clear the mud after the flood. Gone all the damaged furnitures to the rubbish bins or by the road side.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Sate Raya Race 2010

Venue: PCP
Date : 26th Sept 2010

First time event race organised by PujMAC and recieved warm respond from MTB riders.

Finished at 5th place together with team mate Iqmal and Shahrin.

Reunion ex SMDSO

Reunited back after almost 20years, heard of their succes story being a man. Asheed(standing 3rd from right) lead singer of DefGabc one of us

Eid Fitri

Celebrate the Eid with my familly in Alor Setar, used this opportunity to take photos for the whole familly.

Still remember the older pictures while still bachelor and present with two daughters.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Offroad 4x4 at Tg Malim

On 7th August, its part of team building programme conducted by our HR department and myself had the opportunity to feel the rush adrenalin of rainforest adventure powered by four wheels vehicles.

First time experience and really enjoyed it like my cycling on my Fuji, but just less sweating. Thanks to 4x4 team from Jln Kebun for a ride inside the forest.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Holiday in Yogyakarta

5d4n - visit Candi Borobudur, Prambanan temple, Kota Boko, beach of Padang Gritis and Solo

In short they called it Jogja, a much awaited trip since booked the air ticket early Jan this year. Departed from KLIA on 31st July 2010 together with 3 other sibling and my dad too.

Returned home on 3rd aug at KLIA with some oleh2 for office staff and various Indonesia batik clothes. Good and cheap batik clothes bought at Solo about 2 hrs drive from Jogja.

Spent half in Vidi3 hotel and Griya Sendana hotel, latter is nearest to Malioboro street where you can buy t-shirt and souveniers before checkin at airport.

Some info for sharing:
Vidi hotel - IR 125,000 per night, budget hotel, 5km to town center
Griya Sendana - IR 325,000.00 per night new hotel, 1km to Malioboro
Transport - IR 450,000.00 or one day rental incl driver, Avanza

Do not forget to tip parking attendant whenever leave their premises. He will stop the traffic for you for IR 2,000.00(RM0.80)


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Value for Money at Astro Master Tournament

My name was the last to be drawn for the grand lucky draw in early April 2010.

Finally Titoni watch worth RM1,800.00 was taken back even got a so so scores for that day.

Thanks Astro Master and will play again next year.

Outing with old school at Hulu Langat

Gathered at one of the Hulu Langat Agri Resort, some time in May 2010.

Nice place found by Quddos and his fammilly occasionally spend their value time here.

Safe for kids for swimming and sure will be back for this kind of outing with my own family.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Keep Your Heart Healthy

I must remember this date 26th of June 2010 Saturday, all of sudden I got a chest paint while push the trolley in Tesco helping my wife looked for some groceries.

It was about 4.oopm after I had light lunch with my kids at Kenny Rogers and felt a mild paint, numbness on the left shoulder and arm, also sweating. For me, its really sign of heart attack and quickly rushed to nearby clinic.

The doctor referred me to available private hospital in Taiping KPJ and there I was warded for 3 days for heart complication observation.

Blood was taken and ECG done when first handled by the doctor, luckily the result was negative. The sunday morning also continue with ECG and monday afternoon with stress test, result was found negative.

Alhamdulillah, no blood clot detected so far but I have to be worried with the cholesterol level quite high at 7mmloL exceed limit of 5.2. I was discharged on monday afternoon after the stress test.

From now more exercise needed plus some supplement to reduce the level.

Do check your body once in while.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Un Happy To Ride(HTR) 2010 Jamboree

A total of 15 riders representing pujMac for HTR Jamboree, we have done total distance of 40km with our first rider touch down the finish line around 10.30 and my self was around 1.00pm.

A big gap tells how strong he was compared to myself, conclusion need more training and mentally strong. My ride slow due to long break before climbing every hill after CP1 and almost chicken loop before CP 3.

pujMAC riders and other riders at starting line, seen Arash on right photo.

1st hill called bukit tonggang and have to push bike up to the top while another 20 hill await you after that.

Captured the happy moments some riders enjoyed bathing at stream.

Seen Jeff Batlax lying happily with Bob clad in orange shirt and pujMAC jersey was also put on sale inside Comunity Hall.

Shahrin aka Runner pujmac seen tired , he was sleeping awaiting lucky draw.

In conclusion, I need more training less leisure in order to be sighted within first 500 riders.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mencuba trek di FRIM

Tarikh: 16hb May 2010

Pengayuh: 7 org

Kepala: Chif

Mula kayuh: 830am

Tamat kayuh: 12pm

Hujung minggu lepas hari Ahad sempena hari guru ambik peluang kayuh di hutan FRIM bersama dgn team pujMAC dan rakan2 lain.

Lepas layan turun bukit "steroid hill", terfikir apa sebabnya dipanggil begitu.

Aku tengah melayari hutan dalam "Green Hill" banyak akar dan batu yang diredah.

Bro Lob, pantas memintas aku semasa turun bukit, respek sama dia!

Keseluruhannya trek MTB di FRIM sangat memuaskan dan patut di ulang lagi di sini.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Swimming lesson

I couldnt believe after 3 months taken the swimming lesson my eldest daughter is able to swim and she dares to train inside adult pool. Sneaking her today at Danau Golf CLub.

Those kids are lucky enough these days compare when we were young, we just use the wild river at back of our grandmother house for free jumping and sommersolt. Even I was almost drowned several times after tried to learn on my own to swim.

Selangor MTB Challenge at Sg. Buloh

On 24th April 2010, there is another event that I took part and really gave me a tough time to finish at 15th position for Team Challenge. My team clocked at finish line 2hrs 32min, there is still room for improvement IF I could have cycled faster. I have lost guidance since did not fit the speed meter during the race, rushing for the that event before start time has resulted myself forgotten to fit the meter.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Prudential Astro Master 2010, Tropicana GCC, 31st march

Its come again the Prudential Astro Master golf tournament, my registration was finally confirmed by the organiser today.

Still remember the splendid moment when I was runner up when first time participated in 2008. This year hopefully things can be improved and lets start training for driving range.

This is the time where I need to correct my driver and fine tune my iron shots, who knows this year luck will be on my side again.

Playing in Tropicana will be a new experience since havent been golfing there and this would be tough when you start teeing off the tee box without your golf buddies around.

come on..range is awaiting you

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Jamboree RUN10 at Perlis

On 14th March 2010, completely finished all 5 CPS.

2nd jamboree for 2010, registered under pujMAC(puncak jalil mountain bike activity club) base in Puncak Jalil, Selangor.

Complete all CPs, total of 5 CPs for 47km and clocked out for 3hrs and 44mins. Track was rideable especially beginner like me. Foods were more than enough.

It was a last minute decision took part since not all pujmac member joined the RUN10 and no intention to bring my FUJI back home. End up used old GT which a little bit heavy than GT somemore without modification. Tough gets going.

the best organised jamboree so far.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


27th feb 2010
I was invited to joint this mini tournament organised by KEMTA, just chip in RM84 and hop in the bus provided by them.

Rahman Yang..been playing with him since 2002

This is an outing trip and we departed around 7.ooam from Kamunting. Reached golf course at 9.30am and tee off around 10.00am.

Bus gomen..
Regular golf buddy whenever have round of golf in Taiping

(from left Pak Din, RahmanYang, Asri and myself)

I was lucky to get lucky draw..overall score was 33pts with handicap 18, mode of play that day was System 36Stableford.

Hadiah anak ramai

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jamboree 2010 - Sri Iskandar Exploration Race 21st February 2010

It was a 2nd event I took part after KAWAT 2009 at Taiping, not so hard training before the race and managed to complete 3 CP, better than KAWAT completed only 2 CP.

At CPI, took a long rest.

This race has attracted more than 700 riders from local and international. The tracks were awesome and challenging with a risky down hill after CP2.

At finishing line with medal.

I was on slow pace and were left behind, hopefully will ride a faster a bit and maintain in big group for next event. Target for next jamboree to complete all CPs.

Enjoy biking.

Monday, January 11, 2010

First Time Jamboree

27th December 2009

This is my first time MTB jamboree since I took up the hobby, Kayuhan Warisan Taiping in short recognize as KAWAT was promoted the last event in year 2009.

800 riders were ready to race

Adi harriman was helping me registered for this jamboree under Soo Beng team and he even overnight in my inlaw house in Kamunting.

Getting started was delay by 15 - 20minutes, were flag off by event officials after riders started making noise.
Managed to complete 2 Check Points (CP) out of 4 CP around 2.00pm, tracks were not as what most riders expected- a lot of single track lead to a massive jam .