Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nite Ride and Offroad

Offroad Trailing Pjaya

1st ride - 8th Dec 2009

First time joined pujMAC nite ride plus offroad, the experienced was so exciting and myself four times cramp. All members of pujMAC were so friendly and even encouraged me to join them for next ride.

Start ride around 9.33pm and ended at 12,30. Need more training and cycling in order to get same pace of the other riders.

2nd ride - 15th Dec 2009

2nd ride after a week , meeting the pujMAC members around 9.oopm, leader was David.
He gave a try on PCP on road trek for climbing and off road for DH. First time experienced the technical DH, managed to cruise it without any incident. Have to be more cautions for next ride for this kind of track, knowing well your bike and how to control it.

Wait for next ride

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

2nd bike

Finally bought 2nd bike after given a deep thought about it, it just a sudden drop by at bike shop 3 weeks ago in setiawangsa on my way to Paka, Terengganu. I was interested on Scott initially but after saw Fuji I have changed my mind.

It was not as easy as that, since that bike was reserved by the buyer and he already paid the deposit. I had to make shop owner call the buyer to let it go since he placed deposit almost 3 months ago. There are other bikes brand Fuji inside the shop but that the only one is size M and its perfect for myself

Finally he agreed to let it go provided shop owner refund the deposit. Everything has been taken care of and finally the Fuji Tahoe Compp was changed the owner.

Gave a trial ride on Sunday, 30th Dec 2009 and notice a lot of diference compare to my earlier bike. The route was a usual ones, from Kamunting to Lake Garden Taiping and went back via climbing Lake View and my regular buddy was Pak Non.

Monday, August 17, 2009

ctd' MTB

Continue ride in Bangi,

1st day - 19.5km
2 laps

Semangat nak ride around bangi, just got Velo8.

Beli kat kedai basikal area bangi sek 4, malam khamis beli dan balik terus pasang.

2nd day 29.41km
3 laps @ ave speed 15.8km/hr

Finally, manage to end ride afte 1hr 51min. Letih jugak ride dalam kawasan bangi ni, jalan bukit2 jugak. Lebih kurang 5 kali up hill. Dah pakai Velo 8, banyak fakta boleh diperolehi.

Start kayuh jam 7.00am, tak dak org lain pun kayuh, mungkin kayuh kat tempat lain yang lagi mencabar.

Dah nak puasa hujung minggu ni, tengoklah kalau larat boleh sambung kayuh.

Monday, August 10, 2009

First MTB

MTB brand GT,rd and fd Deore. Tayar Kenda, crank truvatix, rubber brake and front sus RST. Yang lain semua cap ayam kot, tengok harga lah. Free botol air, bracket dan stand.

Suka kaler putih.

Aksesori tambahan kena beli sendiri.

Inilah Mountain Bike aku yang pertama, budget murah, harga tak sampai pun RM2k. Brand GT katanya body made in China designed and licensed by GT USA. Yang pentingnya adalah kayuhannya, kalau tak kayuh, simpan dalam setor tak guna jugak. MTB ni aku share dgn bini aku, kayuh sampai puas2 dulu, lepas tu baru pikir nak upgrade.

1st ride - 15km

Mula2 pusing dalam kampung ja, lepas tu rasa tak thrill sangat.Balik rumah mak mentua amik PPE(helmet n etc) terus kayuh masuk jalan besar.

2nd ride -20km

Planning awal naik main golf, dah sampai kelab ada event, kelab tutup. Dalam perjalanan balik nampak ada org dok kayuh MTB dalam kawasan jalan ke Taiping golf Resort, dah dekat rupanya kawan aku jugak pak Non, sampai kat dia terus ajak pi kayuh ke lake garden. Nak pi kayuh sorang2 malas. Dia punya MTB brand Louis Garniue(betoi ke ejaan ni), baguih punya brand, complete set XT, ada disc brake. Harga pun boleh tahan nak dekat dalam RM4K.
Catatan masa lebihkurang 2jam kayuh pi sana, pusing lake 2 round, naik bukit DO. Ondawai balik kayuh ikut Lake View, 45deg dlm 1km. Separuh jalan ja, terus tolak MTB dah tak larat nak kayuh walaupun dah pakai 9 speed.

Tak sempat posing latar belakang trak naik ke Bukit Burmese, Pak Non dah snap

3 rd ride - 20km


Dah plan 2nd round nak kayuh pi Lake Garden sehari sebelum, jumpat Pak Non kat Kamunting timur jam 8.30am.

Masuk lake garden terus layan kawasan up hill sikit kat area kolam takungan air dan sambung pi ke Bukit Burmese. Tak naik habis, atas faktor keselamatan takut masa down hill . Saja pi recce dan tengok2 aja, bole test lain kali.

Kesimpulannya, kayuh MTB ni bagus untuk kesihatan selain dari mengempiskan perut. Dapat mengamati keindahan alam dan cuci mata(masuk habuk).

Modal awal besar la sikit, tapi kalau dah ada MTB nak pi outing atau Jamboree ke, modal tak le besar sangat.

Kawan aku Adi Hariman dapat tahu kata aku dah beli MTB, lepas tu pulak aku kayuh 3 hari berturut2, dia kata aku hangat2 tahi ayam. Tak pa, kita tunggu nanti. Aku akan sahut cabaran dia.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Finally I have made decision

Just 2 hrs ago, I have made deposit for new MTB. This will be my 2nd hobby after golf and don't even know how long it can last. Even my hard core buddy Adi harriman who is my golf buddy and MTB rider not knowing this news yet.

more stories will come after this..

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Trip to Bandung

Finally I went there after experienced so much obstacles, had to leave my wife and daughter in Taiping. My youngest daughter got chicken pox on the eve of departure day, my wife got to cancel the trip and take care the baby. Even I got to depart KLIA one day later and bought new ticket because of passport nearly expired, less than 6 months.

Celebrating 36th birthday

Arrived Jakarta 29th June 2009 approximate at 10.00pm, took a shuttle van(Cipaganti) went to Bandung and cost me IR135,000.00. After 2.5 hours travelling on the highway, the driver drove me straight to my destination Hotel SannyRosa which was not the actual hotel our group stayed in Bandung. It was 2.00am and without my handphone roaming, had to use hotel telephone to locate where the group was.

Gurame(kaliu) fish deep fry for lunch, Brownies in Prima Bakery

one of sunda's Restaurant local food

I then took a taxi and went to Hotel Mitra as informed by my sister Pine, cost me IR30,000.00, its only 5 km away from Sanny Rosa.

On 30th checked out Hotel Mitra and moved to Hotel Billique untill 31st may.

Without my wife and daughter accompany me to Bandung. I still did small shopping at famous tourist spot like Pasar Baru, few factory outlet shop and Diaz (famous with grade A leather goods) in Bandung.

Hard to choose which one you like in Pasar Baru.

Last day spent one night in Hotel Wiltop.Jakarta and visited Mangga Dua on our way to Cangkeriang Airport, Jakarta.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

M.Sc. Business Leadership - LOC

It was 29th April 2009 and 5.30pm when I left the ULC in Petaling Jaya, I still remember what Cliff first thing told us how people misunderstood change only "CHANGE lah", thats ironic. I think not too late for myself start compose and post what have I learned from the 3 days course, from there we have to apply the skills and competency at our workplace.

In summarize, I have learned:

5 type of change

i. evolutionary - change is slow and incremental

ii.developmental -change that creates an improvement in an organization's way of doing things

iii.transitional - change that results in the design or implementation of something that is different

iv.drastic - change is immediate and is forced on the organization

v.transformational -change is significant that an organization has to shift its entire way of doing business

The Sigmoid Curve theory; it tells that the secrect to constant growth is to start a new sigmoid curve before the first one fades out, where there are still time, resources and energy at that point

I also learned how to write and define the equation of A+B+C greater than Z


A - the individual or group level of disatisfy with the status quo
B - a clear and shared future
C- acceptable and "do-able" first action steps

Z - the cost of making the change to individuals, groups and org. i.e the resistance level

to be continued..

Trip to Bandung and my 36th birthday

It was planned in Nov 2008 together with my sister Cik Pine(Alor Setar), we booked Malaysia Airlines and will depart on 28th May 2009 from KLIA and return on 1st June 2009. A 5 days and 4 nights trip. After long waited and postponed several times, this trip is almost confirmed and I realized am going to celebrate my 36th birthday on 30th May with my familly in Bandung. I have to leave my youngest daugther with her grand mother in Taiping, since she is 5 months old and only bring her sister who is excited to be onboard.

Hopefully, with the recent epedemic of virus influenza H1N1 worldwide it will not stopping me and familly going to Bandung.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Balik Bangi

Semalam petang lebihkurang jam 4.00pm sampai KL, cuaca masih panas. Jam 630pm basuh kereta, awan di langit mendung hujan tak turun-turun jugak.

Tunggu punya tunggu, lepas maghrib berdentum di langit dan hujan mencurahi tanah. Peliknya dalam rumah masih lagi panas, tidor kena on aircond.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009