Friday, December 30, 2011


Last I rode at FRIM in May last year and last Saturday rode again with few good men whom I know them when started cycling MTB. Some of riders came with ‘yellow’ theme made the ride enjoyable teasing each other. This probably my last offroad ride for year 2011 since a little bit busy with school opening preparation.

HAPPY NEW YEAR and safely ride!

Regroup and waited another riders

..worth taking photo after hard climb at Pine Peak

those with "Yellow" theme

Thursday, December 29, 2011


It’s about perception of people towards mass recreational sport. Initially, I was thinking golf is an elite sport play by an elite society like businessmen, VIP or even royal. But to date, golf is become affordable and come near to your house. You will notice of golf courses in your residential and almost everywhere. You can play a round of golf as a walk in visitor at decent golf course within Klang Valley at RM90 inclusive of fees/buggy or even RM50 for unlimited walking course during the weekend. You don’t have to participate in tournament until very sure that you can play at your own steady handicap.

Driver R9 launched in 2009 at RM 1,870 and now reduced to RM750

A lot of mega shopping complex has in house outlet selling golf equipment and apparel. Those outlets like Royal Sporting House etc actually owned by prominent businessman and dare to do clearance sale up to 70% during their SALE. I was hoping in future we are able to see that in cycling industry where we can buy apparel/gears inside ISETAN, Jaya Jusco and Parkson. With RM1,5000 you can have a beginner golf set and spare some RM150 for shoes, utilize your casual pants and shirt for golf attires. Whereas for cycling, we have to spend extras for padded pants, gloves and helmet for own safety. This will cost you around RM300 to RM500 depend on the brand and model.

Unlike golf, no bicycle outlet is willing to give discount more than 15% and yet the retailer arrogant not accommodating your visit. That’s why we often quote this “Saja mau tengok2 barang” instead of asking the real price.

Start up cost for golf relatively fair knowing you will upgrade it later for premium brand, but cycling technology is quite fast and we need them once you have stronger legs. Maintenance wise, golf is almost zero as long as don’t own membership obliges to pay monthly subscription. Cycling requires recurring maintenance especially on parts regular wear out. This has to be considered in our budget once you own and ride regular.

In conclusion, cycling is more elitis compare to golf as result of its industry is dominant, monopolized and limited in the market.

(Actually golf and cycling is a good combination of sports which both requires endurance and stamina.)

Monday, December 19, 2011


Another fun ride on Dec 17th, held at Putrajaya in conjunction launching of Cycling Package Holiday in Putrajaya organized by Tourism Malaysia.

Over 1000 riders from MTB, Road bike, fixies and even tandem took part. Registration counter was opened as early as 6am on that event and ride completed around 11am. We managed to engage fixies to adhere to the rules and they did so through out the ride. I rode with few others as marshall and we did a good job.

Looping Dataran Putrajaya

Marshall of the day

...with Mila AF, Mila was an event manager

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Obviously cycling with club or others does help you improve your speed and distance. Notice that you have a will power to increase speed during the ride and eventually increase the distance for next couple of rides. Average speed for beginners are likely at 20km/h and medium experienced riders are at 24km/h. Ride in group will also show areas of your weakness that need improvement. A lot of skills you can get from the cycling group involve pedaling and shifting gears while ascending, when to stand and off saddle, how to get used with cadence, multiple use of your muscle, drafting etc.

Joining cycling club will get you motivated to maintain two to three rides a week which you are not able to do it alone as recreational rider and after a few rides you can judge your abilities whether to stay or to leave the club. Very often, there will be newcomers that have same abilities and even you can form a new club with them. Cycling is just so addictive that you will keep pushing your speed and gain more distance.

The downside, at the same time your credit card at risk to reach the ceiling limit because tendency upgrading is absolutely irresistible(actually got poisoned), you are not just sitting in the saddle and watch your friend upgrade to carbon frame or carbon saddle. Your attire will absolutely change from big short pants to tight short, from soccer jersey to racing team jersey (lycra) and absolutely your visit to local bike shop will be paid off once you have completed the event that you take part.

Example of carbon frame and saddle

Having said all that, Insyallah (without eating oily food etc) you will stay healthy and fit.

Monday, December 12, 2011


Its all about fun and health conscious when we ride in any fun ride, myself rode in Kayuhan Sihat 1 Malaysia jointly organized by Kementerian Kesihatan and Balai Polis Bandar Tun Hussin Onn on Sunday, 11th Dec. Estimated of 900 riders took part and total of 200 prizes were drawn for lucky winners. Ride started at parking lot Lake Valley of Bandar Tun Hussin Onn and only flag off around 9am; it’s common to start late after opening speech and little entertainment ceremony for this kind of ride. Total distance was 10km and ended the ride around 10.00am.

Jogging is norm for residents

....lucky draws were the main attractions of the ride

Marshall at work

It was observed the fun ride is no more fun when kids were riding zig zag on the road exposed to oncoming traffic (ignorant traffic disregard traffic control) and even fell after failed to keep pace with their parents.

Just piece of advice to those parents accompanied their kids for this ride, do accompany your kids until the ride complete and don’t leave them behind. Kids are easily got head injuries will lead to death besides minor injuries.

There will be another ride at Putrajaya on 17th Dec, organized by Tourism Malaysia in conjuction with Cuti-cuti 1 Malaysia. Email at or contact 012-6785279 for further info.

cycling buddies (L-R) ; Jayen, nik, jo and redzuan

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Monday blues solo ride within Larut Matang Selama district

I rode on Monday morning Dec 5th, from Kamunting to Semanggol made a way back via Kg Dew and gave me a total distance of 36km. This is my first ride outbound Kamunting unlike my routine ride from Kamunting to Lake Garden.

Took left to Semanggol

Easy climb at Gunung Semanggol, around 8am

Rode on tarmac and undulating in between Changkat Larah to Semanggol, the rest are flat. Somewhere at Kg Dew, spotted a jetty for fire flies(kelip-kelip) sight seeing and officially launched July this year.

Giving up was not an option, another 20km for Taiping

Banner for fire flies sight seeing

Prices are on display, are they really reasonable?

..have to board boat at night to see fire flies

Approximate 27km, took a stop for gents at PLUS office section N4 and met my former client as well as my staff. I was there in 2001 maintained the North South Expressway stretch from Changkat Jering to Jawi. I have seen changes in rank and faces of them after 10 years, some of them being promoted and deployed to other section while others remain in the office. May Allah SWT bless them with good health and prosperity to perform their duty.

...I was here before

Insyallah, there will be another ride from Kamunting to Kuala Gula, to have dinner at floating restaurant name JS Muara Restoran Terapung Kuala Gula for delicious soft crab (actually hard shell removed).