Thursday, October 30, 2014

Adventure Cycling in Kathmandu

We had 6 bravest Malaya cyclists who took part cycled in world famous Himalaya Mountain.

Day 1 – fun ride within city
We have visited only temple and water spring within Kathmandu city. We have to wear mask in order to avoid inhale dust.

Day 2 – hard ride with big climbing up to 1,989mtr of Nagarkot National Forest
Some 69km distance covered from hotel up to the peak of Nagarkot and back to hotel. Nagarkot is located 32km east of Kathmandu and we can capture photos of few peak Himalaya mountain. This is the place tourist enjoy the sunrise view snow peak of Himalaya.

Day 3 – country side ride at Nagarjun
Cool and windy ascending with small portion single trail. On the way back to hotel we rode on paddy field with gravel terrain.

Day 4 – white water rafting at Tsiruli river
Going north using local bus and very tiring trip 4 hours from Kathmandu and back like 5 hours due to bad traffic towards city. The rafting was awesome experience although we are all beginners and never had such experience before. 17km total distance of rafting downstream and rapids here graded 3 suitable for beginners.

Day 5 – hard ride again with climbing up to 1,700mtr at Kakani National Forest
Some 45 km distance covered and 23 km to the peak from hotel with single trail downhill. Rewards climbing paid off when everyone took photos with snow mountain background from a far know as Langtang and Annapurna.

Thanks to tour agent Mr. Thapaliya Bashu whom had planned routes when we were in Kathmandu, feel free to view his company website at; they were very helpful and really reliable agent.

Alhamdulillah supplement products Proucell did help us eliminate cramp while climbing those big mountain.

halfway climbing at Nagarkot
almost at peak of Nagarkot with another Malaya cyclist Adi Harriman and Saiful Azman
short single trail at Nagarzon

travelling to Tsiruli white water rafting on local bus, sitting with the driver for 4 hours
ready for water rafting together with new friend from Egypt Mr. Abd Halim and Algiers Mr. Amro
my 26er still relevant for mountain biking and already considered oldskool mtb now days
somewhere at peak of Kakani with background snow mountain
last photos with tourist guide Sanjeev at lobby hotel before depart to airport ( L-R : Rohizam, Mat Noq, Man, Sanjeev, Adi, Pudin and me )

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